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New Paradis with its own organic products

The best raw material, fruit of our own gardens.

From our garden to your plate

Native seeds and natural procedures without chemical substances.

Own dairy products

Cheeses made by hand by branches that transform the milk itself.

Designation of origin and free of additives

Our cattle, sheep and goats live in the Extremaduran pasture and graze freely through their fields.

A team that works for you

Our product is naturally matured, never in cameras. And then it is distributed without waiting from the garden to your plate so you can appreciate the maximum freshness.

Our natural preserves

We also produce preserves, jams and sauces in the traditional style, without artificial additives, so you can enjoy them at any time.

Our aromatic

We grow aromatic plants and herbs to give a special and fresh touch to our creations.

Good work and good raw material

Combined, the results are as tasty as healthy.

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