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New Paradis Catering

A distinctive cuisine and a perfectly synchronized team.

Gastronomy: our main course

Proposals that surprise with subtlety.

Master the technique to transcend it

The pairing of traditional flavors with contemporary variants.

To design with pleasure

Our eye for detail is appreciated in our dishes and presentations.

Avant-garde proposals

Artistically reformulated family flavors, to captivate all the senses.

An outstanding creative team

Team formed in the most recognized kitchens worldwide, our team is a guarantee of success.

Gastrolab: our R&D

Gastrolab is our research and development laboratory. We test, innovate, and try again … and what we discover we can take to all our services.

To design your perfect event

We work to put everything on a tray. You just have to worry about enjoying it.

Organic products from own gardens

We carefully manage the process from seed to plate, to offer you an unequaled gastronomic experience.

Barcelona – Madrid – Shanghai – Beijing – Paris – Lisbon – Valencia – Geneva – Berlin – Seville – Milan – Bilbao – Frankfurt – Zaragoza – Moscow